How to write a good for sale ad

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Boing Boing - A Directory of Mostly Consider yourself lucky if the ad provides the transmission type, mileage, and a picture which actually shows the car. Read the rules you agree to by using this website in our Terms of Service. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising.

ThinkGeek Join In. Geek Out. In this article I'm going to discuss several tips and ques you can use to write better Craslist ads that will help you sell those things you no longer need! ThinkGeek creates unique products that stimulate the imagination. Shop for apparel, home and office, gadgets, collectibles, and more. Free shipping available!

How to Write an Effective Craslist Ad ToughNickel I've always been a little nonplussed by those who imagine a distinction between salespeople and ad writers. May 2, 2016. How to write the Sales copy, or body of your ad. effective sales ques and how to put that HTML formatting described above to good use!

How to write a good for sale ad:

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